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Prisoner suits against correction officers

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Many, many 4A suits are brought by prisoners, generally without a lawyer, against police and/or corrections officers. I believe that there are special screening procedures for these suits. There is probably some truth in the trope of the bored prisoner who takes up suing law enforcement as a hobby.

Because the Police4AQI Blog tries to focus on Fourth Amendment law impacts the innocent (or, at least, relatively innocent), I tend to ignore these cases as they come up on the GOOGLE SCHOLAR case database. However, today I thought I would post one of these prisoner cases where the plaintiff-prisoner was relatively successful — a sort of man bites dog case:

McMillan v. Ringler, Dist. Court, ED California 2014

Long story short: Plaintiff is subjected to various kinds of harassment (for example, guards destroyed his Korans) for making internal and external complaints about his jailors. Not exactly the case of the century, but does show that at least one court can take a pro se prisoner suit seriously.

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December 27, 2014 at 6:20 am

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