Police, The Fourth Amendment, Qualified Immunity

Girl Scouts and trick-or-treaters

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Case: Carman v. Carroll, Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit 2014

Comment: The idea that police on a “knock and talk” can only go and do what “Girl Scouts and tricker-or-treaters” go and do has become something of a trope in 4A law, especially since the Jardines case last year. When a court calls upon this image of Girl Scouts and trick-or-treaters, I always imagine that sketch from Mr. Show (http://youtu.be/yTy1Qyl03kI) where Jack Black is waiting in the inventory room of expert witnesses, except that Jack is waiting with a bunch of Girl Scouts and trick-or-treaters, who are waiting to be deposed in police4aqi cases.

Decision: In the instant case, the Third Circuit reversed a jury verdict in favor of the police, holding that Girl Scouts, trick-or-treaters and policemen do not belong on the back deck, but, rather, only at the front door.

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May 24, 2014 at 6:51 pm

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