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E.D. Kentucky Judge David L. Bunning allows arrest based on false and unsubstantiated word of 7 year old witness

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Case: WESLEY v. RIGNEY, Civil Action No. 10-51-DLB-JGW (E.D.Ky. December 18, 2012)

What happened: An elementary school counselor was counseling a deeply troubled 7 year old child. The child eventually accused the counselor of sever sexual assaults occurring. It strongly appears that these accusations were false. The policewoman investigating: (i) could not find any evidence corroborating the troubled 7 year old; (ii) refused to interview the accused counselor; (iii) tried and failed to find medical evidence of the sexual assaults; and (iv) did not interview those in proximity to the counselor when the alleged assaults occurred. The Defendant policewoman did get a warrant, although she did not mention the seven year old’s ongoing psychological troubles in the warrant application.

Decision: Defendant (Covington police officer Joanne Rigney) gets qi on the 4a claims. The court held that the allegations of the 7 year old, regardless of how psychologically troubled and regardless of the young age, amounted to automatic probable cause that required no further investigation on the policewoman’s part.

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January 2, 2013 at 3:58 am

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