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Cobb County Officer A.C. Ayers allegedly lies to magistrate to get warrant

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Case: SEVOSTIYANOVA v. COBB COUNTY OF GEORGIA, 11-13918 (11th Cir. 7-11-2012) (unpublished)

What happened:  Police officer Ayers called GEICO to check insurance status on a woman who had rented a car.  The police officer claims that the GEICO representative told him that the woman was uninsured, but the GEICO representative claims that he told the officer that the renter was insured.  Officer Ayers went on to get an arrest warrant based, in large part, on the uninsured driver claim.  The woman was arrested at her home pursuant to the warrant, but it turns out that she was insured, and indeed had not committed any crimes.

Question:  Doesn’t GEICO record all these calls so that disputes like this don’t end up in court?  For that matter, doesn’t Cobb County?

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July 13, 2012 at 6:46 am

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