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NJ State Trooper Nicholas J. Pryszlak allegedly acts as a collection agency

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Case:  GREENBERG v. NEW JERSEY STATE POLICE, A-5925-10T1 (N.J.Super. 6-26-2012)

What happened:  Peter Moran’s Oil Station, Inc. had a dispute with a customer over a broken battery terminal.  In response to this dispute with Moran the customer stopped payment on a check to the station and sent a letter with a reduced payment, explaining why the payment on the original check was stopped.  Trooper Pryszlak ultimately arrested plaintiff, at his home, for passing a bad check.  Plaintiff filed tort charges against the policeman for the arrest.

Decision:  The trial court initially gave the policeman summary judgment, but the NJ state appellate court reversed.  They basically said that the NJ state police should not be trying to act as a collection agency in what was essentially a civil dispute.  The appellate court was especially concerned by the fact that plaintiff was arrested by Pryszlak inside plaintiff’s home.

Side note: Plaintiff ended up winning against Moran in small claims court on the underlying dispute involving the station’s automobile repairs.

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July 4, 2012 at 6:51 am

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