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SHG hanging up his “Simple Justice” criminal defense blog

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This saddens me.  Will have to get it off the blog rolls eventually.  A fairly idiosyncratic blog, I thought.  I strongly agreed more often than I strongly disagreed, but some of my strongest positive, and negative, blog-entry reactions of the past few years have been reactions to Simple Justice blog entries and/or comments.  I think this reflects the uneasy relationship that the criminal defense bar has with the police4aqi bar.  Lot of ambivalence there.

On balance, Simple Justice was one of the best blogs (or blawgs as SHG liked to call them) ever because it made you think!  “Simple” as that.  Packrat, over at Injustice Everywhere, mentioned that Simple Justice inspired him to start blogging, and I would say the same thing as far as my Police4aqi blog is concerned.

If you have never checked out Simple Justice, then please click the link to it on the blog roll over to your right.  Because SHG has, on occasion, professed a fondness for the music of Phil Ochs, let’s conclude with some of that:


ON EDIT:  Yay!  SHG’s Simple Justice blog seems to be back as of March 2012.

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February 21, 2012 at 7:30 am

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