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Supreme Court To Decide Franky The Drug-Sniffing Dog Case

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Under what circumstances may the police bring a drug-sniffing dog around a person’s home?

The Supreme Court will take up at least a piece of that question this term as it has taken up the Florida v. Jardines case, in which K9 Officer Franky was brought around to someone’s doorstep and allegedly responded with a response that allegedly reliably indicated the presence of contraband. Some are predicting that this case will be limited to the issue of whether a police dog sniff at someone’s home is a Constitutionally cognizable “search.” Then again, it seems to me that there is wide consensus that it is not a search. Where the large dispute seems to enter is on the issue of whether an alleged K9 indication is probable cause for a search on the indicated-upon home.

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January 17, 2012 at 4:38 am

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