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Case: WHEELER v. THE CITY OF LANSING, 10-1128 (6th Cir. 11-8-2011)

Sharp does acknowledge that he filled out the “Return and Tabulation,” listing the property seized by other officers. While logging this property, Sharp learned that the correct address for the residence was [number redacted] Endicott Court, not [that same number] Mapletree Court as it was listed in the warrant. City of Lansing officers took the confiscated property to the Lansing Police Department and logged it in the department’s property room. According to the warrant return and the property room receipt, officers seized three cameras, a power adapter cord for a laptop computer, three gold bracelets, a gold chain, gold earrings, a gold ring, two watches (one Eddie Bauer and one Rolex), a radio, a laptop computer, a nineteen-inch television, a Playstation, a Gameboy, a video camera, a car stereo, silver certificates, an energy bill addressed to [plaintiff], and a bill addressed to [plaintiff’s boyfriend / criminal suspect].

Written by Burgers Allday

November 24, 2011 at 9:49 am

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