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Occupy Wall Street: One Police Officer´s View

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Although I’m going to try not to take exception to the news reporter making it sound like we are the problem here. The pepper spray issue, we spray who needs to be sprayed. The NYPD is well aware of the circumstances here and well prepared to handle the crowd and the resistance they put forward. Not allowing the press into the area in the initial approach, that makes good common sense, because no camera crew to dance in front of many will just walk away. . . . These camps are not heading in the intended direction, they have become unsightly, dangerous and are disrupting the work force of those who are willing to find work and go to work. It’s time after 2 months that order is controlled and maintained. You want to protest, get the necessary permits and do it in away that the government and the people will respect you. This kind of demonstration breeds chaos over long time. Crime, drugs and a misrepresentation of the good that was intended. Get your butts off the street and get to the polls and go down to D.C. just like the Million man March and so many organizations protest, just do it by the numbers and stop this radical take over BS. We are the police, LE is what we do, you are breaking the law, here we come. Now shut up and go home, move on, no body gets sprayed, tased or sauteed.

Comment: I am not endorsing this comment (and I disagree with at least some of it), but I see it as representative of police attitudes toward Occupy Wall Street.


Written by Burgers Allday

November 16, 2011 at 3:18 am

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  1. I’m certain some have been mistreated or at least treated unfairly. However, I do not think the media actually knows the difference. I just viewed a clip where the reporter was claiming police brutality-or something like that. It looked like police officers pawing at a couple to get them to unchain their arms. Had they been brutal, they’d been kicking them and/or would have just dragged them away. They didn’t.

    The media looks to grab the headlines wherever they stand. Some should move more often.

    It was as silly as some of the points Occupy wishes to make.

    Between Occupy and the radicalism of the Tea Party, some will wish for restrictions on speech-senseless vitriol, that is.

    Thinker Belle

    November 18, 2011 at 8:06 am

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