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Two police women explaining about killing a man in his home:

Later that night, the women told investigators they had checked on the man in his apartment because his door was open, and it was cold. He was shaking, and his apartment was in disarray, they said. A glass coffee table was broken.

They asked him if he was OK. He calmly told them yes, McCrillis told detectives later. They asked him if he was alone. He placidly told them he was, she said.

But they weren’t comfortable leaving, the women said later.

“His attitude made me think that maybe somebody else was in the apartment and that he maybe just assaulted them,” McCrillis explained later.

The off-duty officers asked the as-yet unidentified man again if he was OK.

This time the man responded hotly, “What do you think is wrong with me?”

“When he got mouthy with me . . .

(emphasis added)

This story is also interesting because it look like the police may have lied about using pepperspray before resorting to gunfire on the occupant.

Written by Burgers Allday

October 13, 2011 at 4:55 am

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