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Still more on the MGM Grand incident

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At some message boards, people seem to be assuming that the Plaintiff was challenging the policeman, or even verbally threatening him, right before he got punched. That might be true, but I don’t see much basis for assuming it is true. It very well might not be true. Here is an example from the PoliceOne message board:

I would love to hear an audio because you know the guy was making threats about how he would kick everyones ass if they did not have a badge and gun…you know the same lame crud!

If you watch the video really closely, it looks like what Plaintiff really said to the policeman was, “We need to slow down because you almost made me walk into that tall, bald guy that we just almost collided with!”

Video is: here

Written by Burgers Allday

September 29, 2011 at 4:02 am

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