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More on the MGM Grand Casino incident

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It is interesting to watch the public opinion, as expressed through comments on message boards, on the MGM Grand incident, which I posted about, below, and which is captured, in part, in a photograph, above. More specifically, the photograph shows just a moment before the policeman punches the suspect in the face. Detriot Free Press version, with some vid: here.

At the Cop Board: police officers overwhelmingly in favor of the policeman’s decision to punch, but seem to shy away from whether the policeman filed a false report and/or false charges against Plaintiff.

At the Detroit Free Press, an interesting exchange in the comments:

[First Commenter]: BTW, hopefully the waitress (hey [Detroit Free Press website], server is the appropriate term) will file a lawsuit against the fool for his assaulting her. Yes, it qualifies as an assualt-look it up.

[Second Commenter]: She already dropped the charges according to the [Detroit Free Press website]. Maybe she didn’t want to lie in court about it…..Hmmmm

Written by Burgers Allday

September 27, 2011 at 2:33 pm

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